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How Swift AMS helps education & immigration agencies in lead management?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Gone are the days when immigration agencies worked through the referral business only. Now in the world of digitalization, the immigration business can’t expect to fetch business by following old-age practices. So, more and more agencies have shifted to the automation of businesses which comprises lead management. This is an important business aspect that cannot be underrated since most of the leads for immigration cases come from inquiries. Also, businesses can get them through official websites, social media, and of course from sub-agent networks. But, the thing is how to manage those leads well to convert them productively? The answer lies with Swift AMS one of the best lead management CRM for immigration agency. Let’s oversee how it can make the process better to benefit your overseas education and migration consultancy.

Generate lead forms quickly

Lead generation is the key aspect of every immigration business which can help in deriving more revenue. So, an integrated CRM portal is vital to initiate the process of lead capturing. Swift AMS is a reliable CRM that can be integrated with your website to capture leads from multiple sources. It can be used to fetch leads via lead generation forms such as contact listing forms, registration, and newsletter subscription forms. By using this agency CRM software, you can compile data of leads at a central storage place. This CRM platform allows you to add leads faster in the system. You can add leads by selecting the lead-capturing source and can enter the name, contact, and address of prospective clients. The system will store auto-generated lead forms to be used for further lead nurturing and revenue earning.

Generate and store leads through QR codes

If lead generation is the key objective of your marketing arsenal, then there is no issue to add QR codes to the mix. You can revolutionize your marketing tactics with this technique supported by Swift AMS. By integrating this advanced CRM with your website, you can fetch leads from your print media, website, or blog. When users scan the QR code, the system will automatically store the necessary information of leads. In this way, this education and migration software can minimize the hassle of manual data entry and reduces errors. The CRM will facilitate you to fetch B2C and B2B leads using QR codes and can enable you to get information by downloading QR online. Also, you can take the necessary actions to delete the infertile leads and can edit the status of ongoing leads in the system. Thus, you can quickly get access to the leads for taking further action to foster the leads.

Centralize leads capturing

Centralize leads capturing
Centralize leads capturing

In the immigration business setting, you probably have to deal with a lot of leads to work on. So, managing the cumbersome data of leads in the system could be daunting. Swift AMS education agent CRM software comes with the modern feature of multi-channel leads management. This means that regardless of lead-generation sources, this CRM can save leads at a centralized storage location in the system. It can store leads from contact forms, email and newsletter subscriptions, and social media. Thus, you can select the initial source of lead in the system and can store the required data in a few clicks to obtain a comprehensive view of the data.


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