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Application Management Software

Optimize your workflow, ensure efficient application processing like never before, and provide a seamless experience for both students and edu-study abroad agencies..

Application management made easy

Optimize Application Management of your education & study abroad agency with SwiftAMS. Invest your time wisely and make the most of your resources with our ultimate software.


Simultaneous Multi-Applications

Efficiently handle multiple student applications and increase productivity and expedite the application review process with this time-saving feature.

Real-Time Status Tracking

Stay up-to-date with the progress of each application using the Real-Time Status Tracking feature. Ensure transparency and enable timely updates for both staff and students.


Separate Fee Deadline Tracking

Effectively manage fee deadlines associated with student applications using the Separate Fee Deadline Tracking feature.

Friendly UI for Non-technical Users

Simplify the application management process for non-technical users with the Friendly User Interface. Ensure efficient application management without extensive technical knowledge.



Get the super powers of the tools and supercharge your entire workflow.

Counsellor app

Agency Mobile App

A mobile app to manage your agencies day to day tasks on the go with real time updates.

b2b hub

B2B Hub

A B2B Hub to unload the load of back and forth with subagents.

Student app

Student App

Student mobile app for your client to track, chat and submit documents on the go.

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