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Shipping Policy

Effective Date: 01 July, 2023

Thank you for choosing SwiftAMS. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality product and excellent customer service. 

1. Access Timeline

  • After a successful subscription purchase, customers will receive access to their SwiftAMS software instance within 2 business days.


2. Delivery of Access:

  • Access to the software instance is delivered digitally.

  • Customers will receive an email with instructions on how to access their software instance once it is ready.


3. Verification Process:

  • Customers may need to complete a verification process to ensure secure access to their software instance

  • This process may involve confirming account details or completing additional security checks.


4. Notification of Access:

  • Customers will be notified via email once their software instance is available

  • The email will include all necessary details to start using the SwiftAMS software immediately.


5. Customer Support:

  • In the event of any delays or issues in accessing the software instance, customers are encouraged to contact SwiftAMS support for assistance.


6. No Physical Shipping

  • As SwiftAMS provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, there is no physical shipping involved. All deliveries are made digitally via email or online access.


7. Account Activation:

  •  Upon receiving access, customers are advised to promptly activate their account and set up their software instance as per the provided instructions.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding our refund policy, please contact our customer support team at We are here to help you.

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