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Global Search

Quickly locate any information within your agency's database. Find relevant data and documents with ease, saving your valuable time and efforts.

Be the master of your data pool

Search your lead details and navigate through their documents efficiently

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The Most Intuitive Search Engine Ever

This Unified search interface allows users to search across multiple modules or datasets within the Swift AMS platform.

Locate Anything in Your Agency

Whether it's a specific client, a document, or a particular visa-related record, comprehensively search and locate any relevant data within your agency.

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Search on Name, Country, Passport & 11 More Data

Perform searches based on name, country, passport number, and 11 other data fields. Refine your search and narrow down the results to find the precise information you need.

Jump Directly to Search results

Jump directly to searched results with Global Search. Find relevant document in your search results and access it directly with a single click.



Get the super powers of the tools and supercharge your entire workflow.

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Agency Mobile App

A mobile app to manage your agencies day to day tasks on the go with real time updates.

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B2B Hub

A B2B Hub to unload the load of back and forth with subagents.

Student app.png

Student App

Student mobile app for your client to track, chat and submit documents on the go.

Join the worlds smartest software to manage your Education & Migration Agency

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