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Streamlined Document Management CRM

Streamline your document-related processes, improve accessibility, and enhance productivity across your education and study abroad agency with our efficient document management CRM.

Document Dexterity Unlocked

Increase efficiency, improve accuracy and collaborate better with our document management CRM.

Free up your time to focus on more important tasks.


Auto-Name Correction

Ensure accurate and consistent document naming with the Auto-Name Correction feature. Maintain consistency and eliminate the hassle of manual name corrections.

  • Automatically correct document names for consistency

  • Simplify document organization and improve searchability

Bulk Upload & Indexing

Easily upload multiple documents in one go, allowing you to efficiently import and index large volumes of files.


Document Viewer

Effortlessly view and access documents with the Document Viewer feature. Enhance document accessibility and improve collaboration by easily navigating through your document repository.

Tag, view or download

Take actions on uploaded documents instantly. Tag, view or download with ease.



Get the super powers of the tools and supercharge your entire workflow.

Counsellor app

Agency Mobile App

A mobile app to manage your agencies day to day tasks on the go with real time updates.

b2b hub

B2B Hub

A B2B Hub to unload the load of back and forth with subagents.

Student app

Student App

Student mobile app for your client to track, chat and submit documents on the go.

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