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Less clutter, more clarity.

SwiftAMS is the perfect solution for education and study abroad agencies that are looking to improve their efficiency, accuracy, and customer service.

We have streamlined your Funnel, See yourself ⤵️

Feature 1

Lead Management

Maximize your conversion rate with our lead management tool. Create, track and prioritize leads easily to never miss out on opportunities.

Document Management

Streamline your document-related processes, improve accessibility, and enhance productivity across your organization.

feature 2

Application Management

Optimize your workflow, ensure efficient application processing, and provide a seamless experience for both students and administrators.


Optimize your visa operations, enhance communication with applicants, and improve overall efficiency in handling visa-related documentation.

visa management
global search


Quickly locate any information within your agency's database. Find relevant data and documents with ease, saving you valuable time and effort.


Tailor the reports to your specific needs and securely manage data with fully customizable dynamic reports and robust control over view and download access


Follow up & Tasks

SwiftAMS lets you create teams, tag leads, set reminders, expand tasks, and set daily/weekly stacks.​


Dashboard provides a customizable dashboard with real-time data on VFS dates, interview & fee deadlines, single-to-multi-branches view option, 20+ graphics, and personal sticky notes.​

role based access

Role Based Access

This allows you to control access to every module, choose from 15+ existing roles, create your own customized roles, and control delete, edit, and re-open. This gives you complete control over your data and ensures that only authorized users can access it.​

Lead forms

SwiftAMS lets you create unlimited lead forms with customizable fields, capture leads from social media, fairs, walk-ins, and offers instant lead capturing in Fast lead.​


Course Wizard

With CourseWiz , you can add courses with a simple UI, bulk import courses and universities, quickly access courses using the most advanced search, use courses from an existing directory, and control user access to the course wizard.​

Safety and Security

We use most secure global access standards, daily backups, gold standard safety, 2FA on critical steps, and auto-lock for bulk actions to protect your data.



Get the super powers of the tools and supercharge your entire workflow.

Counsellor app

Counsellor Mobile App

A mobile app to manage your agencies day to day tasks on the go with real time updates.

b2b hub

B2B Hub

A B2B Hub to unload the load of back and forth with subagents.

Student app

Student App

Student mobile app for your client to track, chat and submit documents on the go.

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