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Best immigration software for document management

Exceptional customer service is the keystone for the success of every immigration business as the level of service could make or break one. This is a business that solely relies on customer interaction through sales or inquiries related to visa applications and services. That’s why, having a good document management system in place is a must to record such interactions. Though, you may have a good communication system to respond well to the queries. But how many times you have faced problems in managing the documents of your customers to get the right information in a short time? If you have no idea in this regard, it’s time to switch to a reliable system. SwiftAMS is the cloud-based CRM software for education agency that you can consider for document management. Here, we have been clarifying what it is and unfolding the benefits of having one.

What does a document management system do?

Manage Your Documents With SwiftAMS CRM Software
Manage Your Documents With SwiftAMS CRM Software

There’s a lot to do when it comes to managing the immigration business. Only verbal communication is not enough to handle the migration and study abroad cases for clients. You get to manage clients, visa applications, and a lot of paperwork. So, in order to serve your clients remarkably, education and migration software is needed to keep everything secure, manageable, and searchable. The system can allow you to upload loads of documents in a matter of minutes with secure locking and authorized access. Also, it works like Google to your immigration firm to make instant searches from millions of documents stored in the system.

Benefits of CRM system with document management

Integrate document management and CRM in the same window

This software works as a centralized system to store your database in CRM. You will not have to open two separate windows on your device as Swift AMS will make everything display on a single window. This saves you time and energy as your staff won’t have to look for documents at multiple places. With all customer data available in a single window, you can serve the clients with better productivity and time.

Storing unlimited data with categorization

Storing data has never been easier before the evolution of this intuitive and high-tech system. Gone are the days when immigration businesses have to soak up hours to upload and save the documents one by one. Now this education agent CRM software has streamlined the document-related processes which facilitate you with bulk document uploading. There’s no limit to storing the data and you can classify the papers for each client within the folders. Also, it offers further categorization of documents on the name of visa applicants to spouses to kids.

Automates business operations

It is no longer needed to scan documents individually to share them with other team members. The centralized system of this software keeps digitalized copies of every document saved. Therefore, within the organization, it is easy to share the required documents to work on each immigration case. Moreover, it makes it easier for everyone to know what’s going on with customer queries. So, having this software in place is essential to drive the best employees' efficiency.

Secured documentation

Swift AMS secure immigration software
Swift AMS secure immigration software

Look no further than Swift AMS secure immigration software to maintain security of clients’ documents. Using this CRM system will give access to rights allocation. Thus, you can take control on who can use the documents and how. So, despite having centralized access to immigration documents, you can keep them secure in your database. Thus, this system can prove a real worth to your immigration and visa consultancy firm.


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