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New Feature Alert: Insurance Module

These days overseas education and immigration is one of the most expansive business fields in the country. The no.of opportunities are endless for the business to grow. Whether it's pursuing higher education overseas or travelling abroad for work or leisure purposes, an overseas education and travel company is suppose to provide their clients with all the facilities to make their travel hassle free. 

 From helping in university admissions, navigating visa applications and providing support, the business does it all. These days with the advancement of the CRM softwares, the whole workflow is streamlined. But there is one crucial element that often feels like an invisible juggle: insurance.

Problems with Insurance Management

Getting travel insurance is a necessity. Many countrie’s visas have it as a compulsory requirement, and it also offers a  peace of mind to the travellers. Yet, a lot of companies miss out on it because: 

Yet, managing travel insurance can be a time-consuming and frustrating burden:

  • Manual Processes: It is a tedious task. Hours spent researching on different plans, being on calls with agents, comparing quotes along with endless paperwork. It can be frustrating and takes one away from their actual core services.

  • Limited Choices, Limited Satisfaction:Unless you have a separate department dedicated to insurance, providing all options available in the market gets difficult. Sometimes, one may not be able to fit in the client’s needs and budgets. This might lead to a less than ideal client experience.

  • Missed Revenue Opportunities: With travel insurance often seen as a time-consuming necessary evil, businesses often miss out the potential revenue stream it can bring. This leaves untapped income on the table.

There's a better way to manage this. And earn Revenue. Introducing  Swiftams’s Revolutionary Insurance Module.

Insurance Module with SwiftAMS

Imagine a world where managing travel insurance for clients is effortless work, a world where you can offer a wider range of options at the lowest prices, and a world where it actually generates revenue for your business.

SwiftAMS’s revolutionary software integrates a seamless insurance module that tackles these challenges head-on and brings you revenue you never thought of:

  • Compare and choose: Offer clients a wider range of insurance options at the most competitive prices, allowing them to choose the best coverage according to their requirements.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Effortless data gathering, documentation, policy selection and payment process. Everything is streamlined optimising productivity for businesses.

  • Increased Revenue Stream: Turn travel insurance into a profit centre by earning commission on each policy sold directly through your software. It’s completely transparent. No insurance slabs or leakage of revenue.

Beyond Efficiency: A Win-Win for You and Your Clients

The benefits of implementing our insurance module into the businesses are:

  • Increased Efficiency: Focus on the core business of admissions and visa applications while the SwiftAMS software handles the insurance's work.

  • Happier Clients: Offer a wider range of coverage options at the best prices, improving client satisfaction and giving them a peace of mind while travelling.

  • New Revenue Stream: Earn additional income through insurance commissions. See the business grow many folds beyond expectations.

  • One-Stop Shop: Convert your business into a one-stop shop for all processes related to overseas travel. Conveniently sort out university admissions, manage visas and get insurance in one place.

Embrace a Brighter Future with Streamlined Insurance. Ready to transform your business? Contact us today to learn more!

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