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Payment Gateways- CRM Softwares: The new synergy for overseas education businesses

Updated: Jul 1

Technology has been making the world a smaller place over the past couple of decades. It was COVID though, that pushed the world to become more glocal. You can be sitting in one part of the world and managing business in another. Digitalisation has made every part of the world accessible and manageable. CRM softwares has seamlessly streamlined processes making business workflows easier. One of the most important aspects of managing digital business is finances.

Payment Gateways-CRM Softwares: The Benefits

In an overseas education business, finances revolve around sending admissions fees to universities, managing visa related payments, receiving university commissions if any and getting paid for services rendered. To manage all these finances, CRM platforms have come up with add-on feature of payment modules. To enhance this feature platforms have started integrating with payment gateway companies to streamline financial management for business. SwiftAMS is one such CRM software which has been trending recently for its integration with Razorpay. Some of the advantages businesses get to have from such integrations are:

  • Accelerating Payment Processing Efficiency: Payment gateways basically generate a link within the system which can be directly forwarded to clients. they just have to click on it and pay. It is that simple. Customers no longer have to go to banks or make beneficiaries on net banking to make payments. As for businesses, receiving and making payments on client's behalf both domestically and internationally gets easier.

  • Easy Scheduling Reminders and Recording Payment: Payment Modules come with automated payment reminder options. You have to fill the details in user-friendly forms and schedule payment reminders as required. Messages and emails are automated on the scheduled dates which help you stay ahead of your tasks. Similarly, recording payments is just as easy. In-built forms in payment modules make sure that no payment is ever missed or overlooked.

  • Enhanced visibility and Invoicing: With payment gateways, all information about payments received and made comes directly in the software via emails. So, all the payments received, made and pending can be viewed at once on the dashboard. This helps keep a better track of all the finances of the business. Additionally, generating invoices gets simplified too. Add all the necessary banking and taxing details in the software, view your finances on the dashboard and generate invoices with the click of a single button.

  • Elevating Customer Experience and Satisfaction: Your clients get custom messages about payment reminders along with payment links. A one click payment saves your client so much hassle and time. And they get proper invoices for the same too. Along with this their international university and visa financials get managed too. This leads to an elevated experience and satisfaction amongst clients.

Beyond Payments: The Razorpay Advantage

In India, one of the leading platforms to manage payments is Razorpay. An online payment portal, when integrated with CRM platforms it just becomes more. Reasons why softwares companies are partnering up with Razorpay are:

  • Safe and Secure: Razorpay has the highest security compliance meeting not only domestic but international requirements too. Your financial information and data is thus safe and secure in the digital world.

  • Effortless online payments: Razorpay allows you to access your net banking, UPI's, e-wallet, mobile banking etc. You can connect from anywhere to anywhere and make payments effortlessly.

  • Global reach: Not only payments done domestically, Razorpay takes care of your international transactions too. And in the overseas education business, this is one of the most tedious tasks. This saves businesses a lot of time and keeps them ahead in the university payments game.

Conclusion: A win-win situation

The payment gateway and the CRM platform combined provide for a smooth, secure financial experience. Added to this are the advantages of automations and the ability to have complete visibility into financial transactions, which contribute to a more organised workflow. Businesses using such technologies are well-poised for success in a burgeoning inter-connected world that digitalization is bridging across the globe. These are advancements that, if embraced, assist the business to be competitive, customer-focused, and ready to address demands of the modern marketplace. 

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