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Super App Portal: The new standard for overseas education industry

There was a time when businesses had to go through multiple websites to complete their workflow. One for emails, another one for payments, one to manage documentation, another to track processes. With the advancement of technology, the days of segregated services are just about gone. Now, you do not have to switch between websites. There is a new trendy thing in the market- super apps portal!

What is a Super App Portal?

A super app portal is basically a platform that will provide a profusion of core features along with a plethora of mini apps built internally or by integrating with third parties partnerships. These mini apps are optional for the end user to utilise. Often compared to a swiss knife, a super app portal acts like a one-stop-shop for all their customers' needs. You no longer have to switch between applications or make multiple login accounts on different websites. Everything is available on one single platform.

Benefits of a Super App Portal

A super app portal will create a synergised platform helping business by:

  • Creating a digital ecosystem under one platform so that the user will not need to switch websites for every single work task. This will ultimately save time and also make the business more consolidated and structured.

  • A consistent interference across different features makes navigation throughout the entire workflow easier. It reduces the learning curve for new features letting one dedicate themselves to more important tasks. For eg: transitioning from sending a whatsapp message to generating a razorpay link for payment on one portal becomes a seamless experience.

  • A super app portal may offer multiple numerous revenue channels for their end users. For instance, in an overseas education business, a super app portal let's business's offer services to their clients for getting visas, travel insurances, ticketing etc besides the overseas education services. This indirectly acts as an additional source of revenue for the business.

What does a Super App Portal mean for the Overseas Education Business?

For the overseas businesses, a super app platform provides a plethora of advantages:

  • Streamlined Lead and Document Management: One of the most important aspects for a study abroad business is to manage their leads and their documents. A super app portal streamlines this process by providing a centralised document management system.

  • Efficient Application tracking and visa management: Having a super app portal allows agencies and students to keep track of and monitor university applications. Same goes for visa management. This feature helps ensure that you are aware of deadlines and requirements for each application and visa process.

  • Centralised Communications: One of the biggest challenges for the study abroad business is effective communications. A superapp makes this easier by centralising communication. These days a lot of platforms have also started integrating with Whatsapp Business API to timely responses and assistance to applicants.

  • Secure Payment Modules: A super app portal provides integrated payment modules to offer an easy and secure way for all businesses to handle any and all transactions related to overseas education efficiently. In India, a lot of such platforms have partnered with Razorpay to provide direct payment links for clients making payment processes convenient.

  • Automations: One of the standout features of a super app is the use of automations to streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Automated reminders through mail or message for deadlines, document submissions, and interview schedules help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.


The advent of super apps in the study abroad industry has become a game-changer. By consolidating multiple services into one user-friendly platform, they provide a streamlined and supportive experience to the management and the organisation. As this trend continues to grow, we can expect these super apps to become an essential tool for anyone looking to embark in the business world of overseas education and immigration.

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