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Visa process management – 5 ways to make it quicker, error-free & effective

As per a popular saying that one can win half of the battle with the right planning and tools. It implies on immigration consultancies that rely on stable and well-organized CRM systems. These firms owe a gigantic amount of data to deal with day-to-day operations. So, they need reliable CRM software to be integrated for making visa management processes effective, smooth, and free from errors. Swift AMS undoubtedly is emerging as the top-notch immigration management software at the present time. It’s a well-structured and programmed system for workflow configuration ensuring scalable and error-free practices. Look at 5 ways how it can make your immigration operations efficient.

Automating repetition tasks

Lead capturing, email marketing, reminders, and task assigning are some daily business practices for immigration agencies. So, there is not worth performing these repetitive tasks manually when there is an automatic system available. These tasks can be set for the education agent CRM software to perform automatically. Also, it can provide you with pre-configured emails and pre-defined templates for WhatsApp messages to send the same content to multiple recipients on a daily basis.

Improves data safety

Improves data safety
Data safety

By implementing Swift AMS CRM, you can ensure secure data integration for your business. Handling numerous clients’ data at a single workplace could be tiresome. But this automated system can store data in huge amounts with essential access authorization. You can choose who can access the stored information of clients for immigration filing and visa applications. Moreover, sharing data from the admin panel to the staff panel is easier with a few mouse clicks. Also, data can be shared inside the organization digitally without creating duplicate documents to prevent data theft and illegal use.

On-the-go updates

You can use Swift AMS integrated mobile app for immigration agencies to get on-the-go updates regarding leads, follow-ups, applications, and visa status. With simple mobile configuration, you can use the admin dashboard on your smartphone. This enables you to monitor every aspect of your business without even being present in the office. Also, you can track sales reports on your mobile and can check invoices uploaded with a payment tracking system. This way you can keep an eye on your routine business activities to identify any flaws.

Effective document management

Documentation is the most crucial aspect of an immigration business regardless of its size. If you are unable to manage the documents associated with visa filing forms, sponsorship, financial reports of applicants, etc. it would certainly dig a grave for your business. Therefore, using CRM software could make document saving, printing, sharing, and adding a straightforward task. You can easily locate the required documents stored by the CRM within your system. Also, you can share the documents with your staff in a secure form by locking the editing access if needed. Documents can be saved in this system with names of primary applicants and sib-categorized with dependents.

Make the right use of technology

Make the right use of technology with SwiftAMS
Make the right use of technology with SwiftAMS

Cloud-based Swift AMS is a secure immigration software to comprise your business. But it is vital to make the right use of technology to make it work seamlessly. This software is integrated with an easy-to-use interface for newbies. So, you can easily understand to use it for the automation process of business. So, stay tuned and bring revolutionary change and growth to your immigration business.


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