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WhatsApp CRM: Power Up Your Customer Communications Game

Imagine a world where your customer interactions flow seamlessly, with the familiarity of WhatsApp and the organisational muscle of your CRM working in perfect harmony. hat’s what happens when you integrate Whatsapp Business API with a CRM software. But it’s more than just about communication ease- it’s about having the additional benefits that this integration brings which will step up the entire client communications experience. Let us explore how this integration will step up the game for the overseas education and immigration business’s:

  1. Lead Capturing: The first important feature of any good CRM software is to help its management capture leads efficiently. With WhatsApp Business API, potential leads come directly to the system making the process of inititating conversations easier. Sessions is a feature in Whatsapp Business API which opens a 24 hour window from the time a potential lead messages you on whatsapp to have unlimited conversations with them. Messages outside 24 hours require template messages or user initiation.

  2. Centralised Communications: Imagine responding to a student's queries with their history details or preferences right at your fingertips. Nobody has to repeat themselves. Everything is available on the chat within the software. This personal touch goes a long way in building stronger relationships.  Whatsapp Business API also allows multiple device user support which makes having communications all the more easier.

  3. Automated workflows: You can create unlimited custom message templates for unlimited no. of events that might take place. Set up automated triggers based on customer actions within the CRM software. For example, an automated congratulatory WhatsApp message for a student when their application gets picked by a university. This frees up a lot of time for the employees and one never misses out on making important communications. Other than this, Whatsapp Business API also provides the feature of Chatbots, which makes sure you never miss out on anything important.

  4. Enhanced Marketing Tool: WhatsApp Business API supports various media types such as images, videos, documents, and voice messages. Businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API to launch targeted marketing campaigns directly through the CRM. This includes sending promotional messages, new product announcements, and person. One can broadcast a message to a minimum of 1000 contacts (saved and unsaved contacts) every day making reaching out to the audience more convenient.

  5. Scalability: As you business grows, so does the volume of message and communications with your customers. Whatsapp Business API integrated into a CRM platform with all its features plays an important support tool making scaling businesses easier without having to compromise on customer experience.

  6. Analytics and Reporting: This integration provides access to detailed analytics and reporting tools within the CRM. Businesses can track key metrics such as message open rates, student behaviour and preferences along with satisfaction levels, helping them to refine their communication strategies and personalise communications.

The overseas education and immigration industry is undergoing a revolution, and SwiftAMS likes to stay ahead of this evolution.  By equipping overseas education and immigration organisations with the power of a WhatsApp Business API CRM, SwiftAMS empowers them to provide exceptional and familiar communication on a platform students already use. This streamlines information sharing, fosters trust, and ultimately leads to a smoother journey for students.  With this, education organisations can take the lead in student communication and engagement, ensuring a thriving future.

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