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Automate to Elevate: Unlocking Email's Potential

In today’s cutting edge competitions, staying ahead of the curve has become an absolute necessity in every business field.  Keeping your customers happy and communicating with them on a regular basis is one of the primary tasks for any business to survive. And though customer relationship softwares made this work easier, automation has become the new phenomena to elevate your game. Marketing Automation is what’s new and what is there to stay. And one of the most important aspects of this email automation.

What is Email Automation?

Whether it is to attract a new consumer base, provide awareness about the product or just to give regular updates to the clients, emails are a sure shot way to make sure you get the attention of a consumer. Now, email automation is basically a set of pre-defined rules that sends emails to the right people at the right time automatically. Let’s understand this with an example:

Event: A new student has come to ABC consultancy for overseas admission purpose

Trigger Condition:  “New Lead Created”

Email: Welcome to ABC Consultancy….

Someone walked into your office for the first time for a simple consultation. There is no guarantee that they will want to move forward with working with you. But if you capture their interest with a personalised message, they will notice that the consultancy is taking interest in their case. A warm welcome might help you go from “New Lead Created” to “Lead Converted” without making much of an effort. Let’s look at what else email automations can do for a business.

Benefits of Email Automation

1. Make the most of your team

For the marketing and CRM team, compiling emails and sending them manually to each and every client takes a lot of time and effort. With email automations, one can customise their message template, give the event name and trigger conditions in advance and automation does the rest for you. This gives the team ample free time to focus on other high value activities. 

2. Personalise Customer Experience 

Everyone loves personalisation. Seeing a person’s name pop up in an email along with even a little customisation according to the client’s needs will make your content all the more appealing to customers. And emails are one of the best marketing tools to customise your message. You cannot customise every marketing tool like brochures or pamphlets. Email Automations help ease this customisation process. It also keeps the customers interested.

3. Reduces Errors and Saves Resources

 A lot of errors can be made while one types each and every mail. Spelling errors, accidentally sending the mail before the content is complete, sending it during the wrong time are some examples of it. With email automations, templates can be created in advance and since trigger conditions are pre-defined, they go out at the right time. This reduces errors and saves time.

4. Enhanced Communications 

With email automotations, it gets easier to make strategies to communicate with clients about product updates or any other business activity. This brings structure to client communication. This also gives the impression to the clients that the company is organised and responsive.  

5. Lead Nurturing

Email Automation is a great tool to send personalised emails to all individuals. By keeping the clients up to date with relevant emails, companies can provide a better customer experience. A good email automation helps the management in a long way to nurture leads and maintain customer relationships.

Automations have become a big thing in today’s time and email automations are a frontrunner here. Scaling business and optimising resources just got a little easier with them!

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