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Best CRMs for immigration consultants

Many people are migrating to other countries from India for a better future and earning opportunities, thanks to immigration consultants. But do you know that how these experts manage the complex structure of migration processes? The immigration process involves multiple phases, each set with specific legal requirements of documentation, and deadlines. Also, it involves lead sourcing, follow-ups, and conversions which are supported by immigration management software. This is automation technology popularly documented as CRM or Customer Relationship Management. It enables immigration and study abroad consultants to streamline the migration processes by storing data, analyzing, and evaluating it. Let’s take a look at the best CRM applications for immigration agencies below.

Boost Your Immigration Business  With The Best CRM
Boost Your Immigration Business With The Best CRM

Swift AMS

This is an intuitive cloud-based CRM application designed to mitigate the complexities of migration procedures. It is listed as the best immigration software providing a multi-functional system to store and manage client information efficiently. It has evaded the hassle of data storage limitations imposed by conventional applications. Users can run it to store unlimited data of clients and can manage it clutter-free in the system. Moreover, this CRM encompasses advanced-tech abilities to classify leads with current status for effective lead management. The user-friendly interface enables you to locate any information rapidly within your system database and can generate reports. It delivers a 360-degree user experience by managing multi-tasks for individual agents and corporate immigration companies.

Study CRM

This is another mobile app for immigration agencies to record visa-related information and data to a certain extent. It can handle queries of new clients and can store them as new leads in the database. Users can view the stored database to fetch clients with cold-calling, email marketing, and messaging. It can provide regular updates and alerts relating to follow-ups with new leads.


Again, CRM software builds authenticity and trust among immigration consultants. It is officially known as Kondesk delivering seamless data storage and lead management solutions to immigration agencies. It allows users to get appointment flexibility to schedule meeting times with clients as per their service requirements. Also, it records the data and information relating to business relations with your clients to have a strong follow-up to generate business.


Agentcis is a useful CRM application to increase lead conversion by sorting the data between cold and hot immigration queries. Educational consultants can connect with their business leads by creating web forms to take follow-ups. In addition to this, it can help in making the process of creating tailored price quotations for interested services. You can use this tool to centralize your immigration and education consultancy firm in a single place of operation. With ample storage of data, tracking clients’ visa status, and sending updates, all these tasks can be initiated with a few mouse clicks.


It is a centralized agency CRM software that can vindicate a load of immigration queries with lead management abilities. The lead management system is the key feature that positioned it among the best CRMs for the immigration industry. It can sort leads with statuses such as cold, hot, dead, and mature to enable users with business generation and management. It comes at reasonable prices and can be used without much technical know-how. For storing documentation and managing them in a single place, this tool is recommended too.

However, choosing the best CRM for document management is the precedence for large-sized immigration consultancies.


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