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How does a CRM boost the productivity of an immigration business?

The evolution of technology has fortified many businesses to opt for the advantage of high-tech apps and software. Those technologies are meant to make business processes complex-free, swift, and secure. Among those tech inventions, Swift AMS is one which is exclusively designed for immigration consultants. It is a CRM system based on automation technology and developed by tech-savvy professionals. This overseas education consultants software can swap complex, time-consuming, and stressful tasks into harmony by automating various processes. See below how this instinctive CRM can boost the productivity of your immigration consultancy firm.

Irrefutably, dealing with immigration processes is really cumbersome due to the involvement of multiple tasks. Filing visa forms, processing applications, tracking visa status, and handling numbers of documents could be tiresome. That’s why having a reliable system in place is critical. It can serve you with various tasks including:

Simplifies data management

When you handle clients' queries regarding visas and migration, you probably have to deal with lots of data and information. Though, the collected information needs to be stored with secure means. So, how do you prefer to store it? Do you save it manually on your day-to-day visitors’ registers or notepads? Probably, it makes the task lengthy and messy. So, working with education agent CRM software would serve your purpose resourcefully by storing it digitally with centralized access and authority. It lets you store data without worrying about its size since it empowers your system with unlimited database storage. Moreover, it automates repetitive tasks to use data for preparing visa applications and making informed decisions quickly.

Better lead resourcing and follow-ups

Lead management software

Most education abroad and migration agencies rely on the leads they captured from their visitors, marketing, and queries. Therefore, it is crucial to follow those leads until the purchase is initiated. But this task is not a cakewalk to manage as it involves recording and analyzing cold calling, email marketing, and the current status of leads. So, Swift AMS lead management CRM for immigration agency can make this task quite easier. Using this tool, you can record the lead's status digitally by isolating them with cold, hot, engaged, and accomplished. You can even set reminders and alerts for meetings with your prospective clients using this software. Hence, it can save you time and effort to search for the leads that need to be followed for generating business.

Reduces human errors

Errors have no room for businesses like immigration agencies. But human errors can involve in the process to eclipse your business and reputation too. This CRM software can help your staff to maintain a higher standard of quality in the workplace. It gives access to clients’ data to your staff to remove, edit, and add files. They can search for university courses, fee structures, and eligibility for student applicants. Also, staff can book appointments, send visa-related updates, print documents, create invoices, and track payments. The wholesome automated process will evade the chances of errors. Also, read out how SwiftAMS can make visa process management better.

Improves client satisfaction

Automated immigration process by SwiftAMS

The automated immigration process offered by Swift AMS increases customer satisfaction for sure. It is the best software for visa tracking since clients can access info about their case status. Also, you can communicate with customers on the basis of real-time visa status tracking. You can send students and applicants updates regarding their visa applications thus making the process transparent while boosting your business efficacy.


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