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Mastering Overseas Student Payments: Top 6 Must-Have Features

Managing finances is a very crucial part of running an overseas education business. Not only does one have to manage the payments coming in for their own company but also take care of the finances of students applying to different universities. This includes adhering to multiple banks, currencies and taxation systems across the world. To add to that, the modes of payment transactions have also increased so that too needs to be taken care of.

There was a time when excel sheets were the best option to keep track and handle finances but they are no longer enough in today's fact paced era. To keep up with the evolving world, CRM softwares now days provides in-build payment management systems. We as a SaaS company understood this and just introduced our own payment module. Committing to providing our clients with the most advanced technology, our student payment module will be enhancing the product usage with the following features:

  1. Unlimited National & International Bank Accounts: Add and save as many bank accounts you want, both domestic and international. This feature helps to seamlessly manage payments across the world. It gives one the flexibility for handling diverse transactions efficiently.

  2. Payment Link Generator: SwiftAMS is integrated with Razorpay that allows our clients to create and share payment links with the click of a single button. This feature consolidates and simplifies the payment process for both the organisations and the applicants making transactions more convenient.

  3. Invoice and Order Generator: With SwiftAMS, one can generate invoices pre-taxes as well as final tax invoices. Sometimes, clients ask for a bill as a record or to show to other before making the payments. In such cases, SwiftAMS offers the option of generating orders. These show the payment to be made in an organised template format but unlike an invoice it does not state the the payment has been made.

  4. Automatic Receipt Generation: Payments made get recorded directly into the software. These auto-generated receipts can be downloaded with just a single click. So, when a student asks for a payment confirmation, the whole transaction is quick and smooth. This gives the business a more professional look enhancing CRM.

  5. Multi-Country Tax Compliance: For any overseas business, managing international tax system get tedious. The SwiftAMS payment management system is compliant with various international tax systems which include GST, VAT, and HST. This feature helps our clients to manage taxes across different countries and maintain accurate records. This also helps in avoiding legal complications for the organisation.

  6. Customised Templates: Every company has their own style of generating their invoices. Some like it simple and straight forward and some want it more detailed. This need too is fulfilled on the SwiftAMS platform. You can pick from a library of invoice templates according to your needs and customer demands.

  7. Scheduling Payments and Reminders: Set payment reminders for any no. of days before the due date and send automated messages for the same. Never miss a payment with SwiftAMS's CRM platform!

These features are designed to cater especially to the needs of the overseas business. This payment module helps reduce administration's burden, streamlines payment management and overall improve customer relation. See yourself the difference it will make in simplifying your financial operations.

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